تعاون مشترك بين التوني و سوديماس لأنتاج
أول مصعد مصري فرنسي بأعلي معايير الجودة الأوروبية في مصر
joined forces to introduce the
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تعاون مشترك
بين التوني و سوديماس
لإنتاج أول مصعد سكني مصري-فرنسي في مصر يتوافق مع المعايير العالمية
EN81-20 و EN81-50.
تحالف الشركتان لإنتاج مصعد سكني كامل يمتاز بجودة عالية، وتصميم مبتكر، بأحدث التقنيات، ونظام دفع متكامل، يعكس أعلى معايير السلامة والحد الأدنى من الصيانة، ويتوافق مع معايير السلامة و الجودة الأوروبية، وذلك بأفضل سعر
تحميل الكتالوجات
A landmark Collaboration
Bringing together the best of French engineering and Egyptian industry know-how, with Eltouny and Sodimas collaboration to introduce the first-ever Egyptian-French residential elevator in Egypt. The innovative product conforms to the highest global standards, EN81-20 and EN81-50.The result is a product that not only promises superior performance but also comes with an attractive price point, making it a game-changer in the Egyptian elevator landscape.
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Residential PAK By SODIMAS


Silent, comfortable and fast! Sodimas lifts offer you the quality you have been looking for, making daily moves safer and enjoyable.

The innovation of SODIMAS solutions allow us to provide you the most appropriate elevator that will adapt perfectly to your residential project and promote a greater harmony.

The “Residential PAK” integrates Sodimas’ comprehensive expertise in providing innovative elevators solutions.

It adheres to the standard regulations, ensuring compliance with safety, environmental, and accessibility norms standards for elevator.

Tailored for the low and medium-rise building sector, the “Residential PAK” is designed with economic considerations in mind, offering an innovative and contemporary technology.

Automatic doors By Slycma

Simple, silent and robust

Slycma has over 40 years’ experience in the trade of elevators doors in France Since 1972, They’ve been making doors that are tailor-made to any projects that comply with EN 81-58 standerds.

From standard to bespoke models, they make a complete range of automatic landing doors that will fit just about any model of lift.

Fully compliant with current regulation, Slycma automatic doors meet the standards required in terms of safety, fire protection and durability. You can be therefore assured of their unmatched reliability.

Fully able to fit within all distinct types of building layouts, Slycma automatic doors are also available in a large choice of finishes (brushed stainless steel, engraved stainless steel, pre-coated paint…) giving them a flawless, aesthetically pleasing finish. They even make glass automatic doors!



A new pre-wired electric elevator solution

The switchboard QItouch is a concentrate of technology based on speed of acquisition and processing, thanks to its powerful multitasking operating system. The direct results are the effective real-time management of travel and comfort for the user.

It is equipped with various communication interfaces for interactivity of services (assistance, maintenance, prevention, supervision).

The “Quick Install” electrical system is optimized for quick installation with long-term reliability. In addition, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) integrates an embedded wizard ensuring a guided commissioning for a secure final operation.


Sodi@com is the remote connection solution for your lift to improve its continuous availability. Prevention and alert tool for maintenance, providing management and visibility for the owner or the plant pool manager, information for the user. Sodi@com connects all players involved with the lift.


The QItouch control cabinet is a concentration of technology based on rapid acquisition and processing, using a powerful multi-tasking operating system. With its integrated TFT touchscreen, compatible with the new european standard EN 81. 20/50, The direct results are the efficient control of movements in real time and user comfort.

SODIMAS is the leading independent French manufacturer of lift equipment


The family business was born in 1975, created by Serge ARNOULT. Since 2007 and to this very day it is led by his son, Patrice ARNOULT.

Innovation, our vision for the future


SODIMAS ability to innovate, to develop unique solutions, highly differentiated, generating added value in connection with social and environmental values allows the company to be local but to excel especially on an international level.

Nearly three million euros are dedicated each year to research, the development of new products and definition of new concepts. This is what stenghtens the position of SODIMAS in the lift sector.

The strong innovation capacity of SODIMAS has allowed us to file no less than 36 patents.

Certificates and Standards


SODIMAS lifts fully offer compliance with European standards, laws and directives.SODIMAS has chosen to be Module H1 Annex XI of the Lift Directive 2014/33/EU and Module H Annex VII for overspeed governors, safety gears, solimax…

These certifications enable SODIMAS to develop innovative solutions through the endorsement of our organisations by an accredited organisations. For this reason, SODIMAS, its range of lifts and its components are systematically certified and controlled to ensure that SODIMAS meets the quality requirements defined by ISO9001 and the environmental ISO14001 rules.

SODIMAS takes you higher


For over 40 years, the strength of SODIMAS lies in its ability to deliver all components of a lift thanks to the availability of our large stock base.
Your installation engineer is promptly furnished with the advice of a lift specialist who brings the right product at a competitive price.
With this in mind, SODIMAS is able to deliver all component orders received before 3pm next day anywhere in Europe


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