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Eltouny Semi Automatic Doors

By Ceita Italy

When it comes to elevator’s Semi Automatic doors, it is the thing that we master. Combining strength and reliability, our semi automatic doors are ideal for both home lifts and industrial applications.

Eltouny Semi Automatic Doors by Ceita Italy

Eltouny Semi-Automatic doors are manufactured according Ceita Italy specifications and approved within the Egyptian Standardization of Quality products. Ceita is based in Italy since 1958 and is very well known for its high quality doors. We have been following their milestones of elevators’ doors manufacturing standards and specification since 1992.

Doors are made with a wide range of finishes including brushed stainless steel, polished, and decorated glass, with a variety of accessories. We are confident that one of our models will fit your needs. Our swing doors are standard on the market since ages. We offer unique variety of doors with different materials that give our clients the possibility to create their own personal design.

General Specification
  • The doors will be prepared for any Type of damper, though the manufacturing default is the V type damper.
  • The door will be prepared for any type of lock, though the manufacturing default is T/F lock.
  • It is supplied with push buttons hole, and it is optional.
  • The door is supplied with an aluminum handle.
  • We use electrostatic painting. The default colors is RAL 7032 (beige). It is optional to choose any color from RAL colors palette.
  • The doors are supplied with invisible hinges.
  • The doors are supplied with an aluminum frame.
eltouny Semi-Automatic Doors By Ceita Italy
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