Air Driven Home Elevators

Vacuum Elevators are the World’s ONLY Air-Driven Home Elevators.

By Using Pneumatic Technology to Generate Lift, Vacuum Elevators Smoothly Move Between Floors While Requiring Much Less Space and Energy Than Traditional Home Elevators.

3 Models Available

1 – 3 Passengers / Wheelchair Accessible Model

Panoramic Design

360° Visibility

Space Saving​

No Pre-Construction Pit, Hoist Way Or Machine Room Required

Fast Installation​

4-5  Day Installation

Pneumatic Technology

Powered by the Most Abundant Resource in the World… AIR!


Serving a distance of up to 5 floors

A work Of Art . Powered by Air .

Exterior Diameter

30 Inches (750 millimeters)


350 Pounds

Exterior Diameter

37 Inches (933 millimeters)


450 Pounds

Exterior Diameter

52 – 11/16 Inches (1,316 millimeters)


525 Pounds

PVE Vacuum Elevator Features​

Plug & Play Elevator
220 Volt Power Supply / Energy Efficient Residential Elevators Plug your home elevator into your wall.
Fully Certified Home Elevator
Certified by LiftInstitute meeting ASME elevator standards with over 15,000+ successful installations worldwide in 90+ countries since 2002.
Pre Assembled Elevators
All Vacuum Elevators are pre-assembled & safety tested at our PVE Factory Headquarters ensuring quality standards rather than fabricated on-site during installation like other home lifts + elevators.
Made In The U.S.A
Manufactured in the United States at our PVE Factory Headquarters in Miami, FL unlike alternative foreign manufactured home lifts + elevators.
Minimal Maintenance
Traditional elevators and home lifts often require annual maintenance. Per PVE’s certification, the first scheduled maintenance for a Vacuum Elevator is after 15,000 lifts or roughly 5 years.
Single Push Activation
Unlike the slower, constant pressure, hold to control operation of home lifts, Vacuum Elevators are single push, automatically operated home elevators which travel at the max residential elevator standard speed.
Self-Supporting Elevator
Fully enclosed vacuum elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor. No ramp, unsightly posts or unappealing rail systems required.
Absolute Safety
In the event of power failure while in operation, gravity is used to slowly descend to the ground floor with back-up mechanical brakes & locks still operational. No faulty battery back-up system required.
Custom Built For Your Home
Vacuum Elevators are manufactured to the height of your home. Travel up to 5 stop or 50 feet in total rise with these innovative home elevators.
ECO- Friendly Home Elevator

The revolutionary technology of the vacuum elevator has changed the way people and goods are being transported vertically within their homes, and further more, has done so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by one of the most abundant resources in the world.. AIR!

Space Saving Home Elevator

The groundbreaking design of the vacuum elevator has revolutionized where a residential elevator can be installed within a home while providing infinite design possibilities for any installation.


Simply resting on the existing ground floor, these innovative home elevators will enhance the value of one’s home without the consuming footprint of a traditional home elevator.

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