PVE 37 – 2 Passengers


  • Load : 450 Pounds  (2 passengers )
  • Head Unite
  • Drive: Pneumatic
  • Exterior Dimension : 37 Inches (933 millimeters)
  • Power Supply: 25 AMP 220VAC
  • Up tp 4 floors
  • Doors : Single entry
  • Application: Through Floor
  • No pit, hoist way or machine room required
  • Designed in USA and imported From Spain

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PVE 37 Home Lift- 2 Passengers – Up to 4 Floors

The PVE37 has paved the way for the rest of the pneumatic vacuum elevators lineup. The many features of this PVE37 home lift make it a great option if you want something more spacious than the PVE30, but do not have enough room or the need for the wheelchair-accessible PVE52. It measures 37 inches in outside diameter and 32 inches wide on the interior of the cabin. This air-driven residential elevator can safely carry two adults, or 450 lbs, up to as many as five stops or 50 feet in total rise. For an even more comfortable ride, you can opt to have a cabin seat installed for a single rider to sit on while being carried up to another floor.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements For the Pneumatic Elevator PVE30?

Our pneumatic home elevators are surprisingly easy to install and maintain. The installation takes 1-3 days, and the impact on your home is minimal. Any maintenance required is always expedient and minimally invasive to your daily schedule.A manufacturer’s study shows that pneumatic elevators need maintenance once every 5 years, or about 15,000 lifts, to replace the main seal. This is only a minor inconvenience compared to a traditional elevator that requires frequent inspections, annual maintenance, and costly parts that must be routinely replaced.

Low maintenance is just one of the features that make our pneumatic elevator pve 30 perfect for homeowners who have mobility issues, but still demand superior function and minimal hassle from their accessibility equipment.

Delivery and Installation

  • Delivery Duration: 10-11 weeks
  • Installation Duration: 2 days
  • Warranty: 12 months

Payment Terms

  • 75% in advance
  • 20% when goods arrive Egyptian’s port
  • 5% on installation day
  • Price doesn’t include any construction work
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White, Bluish Grey, Light Gray, Black, Anodized Silver


2 Stops, 3 Stops, 4 Stops

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