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Sicor S.P.A

  • Sicor gearless machines meet the requirements of the following stan-dards:
  • Smooth, quite operation, noise level (within the range of VDI 2566) < 60 dBA are guaranteed by Sicor gearless machines.
  • Working process with CNC flexible machinery system. The components are tested with latest technology three dimensional testing machines providing the most accurate precision.
  • Final running-tests concerning vibrations, noise a.s.o. are carried out on 100% of gearless production.

Sicor MR 12

Sicor MR 14

Sicor MR 14

Sautter Lift Components “SLC”

  • Sicor machines meet the requirements of the following standards:
    • 95/16/CE
    • EN ISO 12100/1/2
    • EN 81-1: 2008
    • EN81-80: 2004
  • The standard motors used are of Italian production, protection class F , insulation Class IP21 , forced ventilation 180 St/h and 240 St/h high efficiency CDF 60%.
  • Standardized machine frames with/without deflection pulley, with vibration dampers is available.
  • Gearboxes can be supplied equipped with Encoder, Tachometer, standard safety protections and safety slow shaft brake.
  • Each gearbox is complete with the “Operation and Maintenance Manual”. The “Certificate of Conformity” is supplied on demand.
  • The high quality of both the gearboxes projects criteria and the material used guarantee the long life of Sicor hoisting machines
  • Working process with CNC flexible machinery system. The components are tested with Zeiss three-dimensional testing machines
  • Cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563 with hardness over 250HB is used for traction sheaves.
  • Twin-Brakes with mechanically independent action
SWG1 Type
SWG1 Type

TopGears Traction Machines

  • Every possible detail of the ITG geared machines makes them special, from their technical design always offering the most compact dimension combined to the highest possible static load, to their materials and component parts, and even to their unique finish and painting.
Top Gears Machine

LiftEquip Traction Machines

  • Eco Traction is a made in italy gearless traction machines.
  • The Ecotraction is a permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine.
  • In comparison to gear box, the gearless motor is less noisy and makes less vibration during operation. Other advantages of this gearless motor are:
    • General characteristics:
    • Variable motor position (horizontal / vertical).
    • Excellent motor control (VVVF).
    • Emergency braking system NBS as option.
    • MRL option.
    • Continuous smoothness of running.
    • Low-wear traction sheave.
    • Optimal adjustment to your lift (rope departure).
LiftEquip Machine

Torin Traction Machines

  • Torin today is becoming the largest and the most reputable elevator traction machine manufacturer in the world with a capacity of manufacturing 100,000 machines a year.
  • All machines are CSA certified and A17 compliant.
  • Torin provides engineering design support, technical services, warranty, parts support, product liability insurance, central warehousing, and field trouble shooting from it US location.
Torin Drive
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