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Sicor S.P.A

  • Sicor gearless machines meet the requirements of the following stan-dards:
  • Smooth, quite operation, noise level (within the range of VDI 2566) < 60 dBA are guaranteed by Sicor gearless machines.
  • Working process with CNC flexible machinery system. The components are tested with latest technology three dimensional testing machines providing the most accurate precision.
  • Final running-tests concerning vibrations, noise a.s.o. are carried out on 100% of gearless production.

SG 10 Type

TopGears Gearless Machines

  • TopGears gearless machines react smoothly to every impulse they receive, because their 24 or 32 pole motors have been designed for having the lowest torque ripple.
  • Our quality concept is well defined and based upon the assumption that simplicity and robustness, already sought at the designing stage, always produce the best result.


LiftEquip Gearless Machines

  • The next generation of Gearless PMC
  • Adapted to the modern manufacturing technology.
  • This machine has an outstanding output factor (95%) with 240 switching operations per hour and a duty cycle of 60%.
  • The hardened traction sheave with a diameter of 320 mm is a low wear solution.
  • The machines are delivered with connection cables for the motor, posistor, brake, brake control and for the pulse encoder.


Torin Gearless Machines

  • Torin today is becoming the largest and the most reputable elevator traction machine manufacturer in the world with a capacity of manufacturing 100,000 machines a year.
  • All machines are CSA certified and A17 compliant.
  • Torin provides engineering design support, technical services, warranty, parts support, product liability insurance, central warehousing, and field trouble shooting from it US location.

Torin Drive

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