Automatic Doors For Lifts

One Door Per Each Application
selcom by eltouny elevators company
Fermator Automatic Doors

Fermator Group is the leading mono-product manufacturer of automatic doors for lifts in the world. Fermator doors are installed worldwide for low, medium and heavy traffic duty lifts, for domestic use, offices, airports, hotels and public buildings.

The automatic doors manufactured by Fermator comply with International Standards; EN 81-20/50, ASME A17.1, GB 7588, and fire requirements EN 81-58 and UL 10B among numerous others.

Seldom Automatic Doors

Selcom has been providing the lift industry with versatile and high-quality doors. More than 50 years later Selcom is the leading company in the lift doors segment, with state-of-the-art technical solutions and unparalleled product range. Regardless of whatever your lift requires – a round door with panoramic panels rather than a straight or a folding one – Selcom can supply the best solution for your needs.

Selcom automatic doors are The first ever certified automatic door with optical coupling. These door systems, based on optical coupling, are the right solution for all those situations.

Eltouny Elevators Company Automatic Door
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