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Stiltz Home Lift is built to discreetly slot into neat spaces and can be located in the corner of a room. Its intelligent technology brings the future to your home.

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Eltouny Elevators ce mark

CE Marking

Eltouny Complete Elevators, The lifting systems with machine room, machine roomless, and Nano lift have acquired the CE mark certification. Eltouny complete lifts are manufactured according to the European standards with all the essential requirements to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection specification for our clients. Our Elevators comply with all the legal requirements for CE marking and can be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU) without restrictions.

When Experts Talk

Eltouny Elevators Company is a production facility for elevators’ components that is based in Egypt , guaranteeing state-of-the art technology by committed partnerships from all over the world. The company has had a leading role in the design and manufacturing of elevators and its components parts since 1964.

Founder of Eltouny Elevators Company Mostafa Eltouny

"In times of economic crisis we don’t shut doors, we invested in doors with highest technology, and we keep our premises in Egypt."

Mostafa Eltouny
Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Founder of Eltouny Elevators Company Magdy Eltouny

"Our willpower is far stronger than any surrounding circumstances, and we will keep pushing ourselves forward until the end."

Magdy Eltouny
Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Traveling Journey With Eltouny Elevators

According to the nature of elevator- it moves, therefore being inside the elevator might be the most complex experience in life, and we totally understand that. With the long term engagement in the industry, cooperation with the most successful and advanced multinational organization, alignments of new thoughts and ideas of different generations, united teams, and continues RnD, we come up with the solution. Safety first, quality first, pleasure first, are the guidelines for Eltouny Elevators production processes. Our aim at Eltouny Elevators Company is not only to create the safest elevators only but creating the most luxurious traveling pleasure.

Safety First

Quality First

Pleasure First

More than 50 Years

Golden Jubilee

Eltouny is proudly the oldest factory specialized in the production of elevators components since 1964. It was founded back then by Abdullah Eltouny. Eltouny started as a manufacturing facility for elevators’ semi automatic doors, and today Eltouny is capable of offering complete elevators solutions. For more than 50 years, Eltouny has offered thousands of solutions for vertical mobility, becoming a worldwide leader in manufacturing of customized products.

Eltouny Elevators Golden juibilee

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